“Walking The Calf” An Amish Watercolor Painting


I finally finished my painting, and I am pleased with it.  I finally found a good reference for a calf and I believe it worked out perfectly. I hope you all like it.

As always, I liked the white background, but wanted to add more detail. I just didn’t want to add so much to the background to take away from the figures themselves. I finally found a way to add just enough at the bottom and sides to depict the foliage and hills in the distance and tree branches above to make a sort of frame surrounding the figures. I must say I was so excited when I figured out how to do this! Now I also have some space to place a small inspirational quote if I like. I am happy with this and can’t wait to start another…but this took way too long!

Anyway, I have also just placed this on my Etsy Shop if you are interested.  If you like the print and do not place an order online, please email me at mcprop@cox.net and we can work something out. Have a great day!

DSC01363 (1)wm

Walking The Calf by Cheryl McNulty


5 comments on ““Walking The Calf” An Amish Watercolor Painting

  1. amishcook says:

    Hey, Cheryl – Nice work! I sent you an email (as you’ll see, there’s a time factor to it!:), so just wanted to make sure you got it! – Thanks!- Kevin

    • Thank you, Kevin. Will check it out!

      • Hi Kevin….I don’t know if I got the e-mail you were speaking of. I saw some news about a newsletter, I think, but a lot of my emails got deleted by my husband by accident. I don’t know if that was what you sent me. I hope it wasn’t a photo of Aster that you sent me or something like that that got deleted. Please let me know. Thanks Kevin!

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