Journals Made From My Artwork

Hello! I just wanted to let you know I have started creating journals with my artwork on the covers. I have made some for myself in the past for traveling agendas and diaries, so I figured I would just try and sell a few and see how they go.

They are very heavyweight for a journal, so they travel well without ripping or bending and I laminate the print of my art so it is protected from water and dirt and then I affix a jute ribbon (at least on this one pictured, it could be any ribbon) on the spine to finish the country, simple look of the design. These journals have 80 lined pages.


The Journal


Katie With A Bunny Journal


Other Journal Samples

The one I am starting with is “Wash Day”, the Amish girl doing laundry, and now, Katie With A Bunny.  Rebekah In The Barn and Kathryn In The Meadow were already sold, but can be custom ordered if you would like one, through Etsy or through email at

**Just know that anything you see on my Etsy Store , or here on my blog that interests you, and you are not familiar with ordering on a site like Etsy…  please don’t hesitate to email me at and we could set something up if you feel more comfortable sending a check through the mail.  I realize there are probably many of you out there there may not be familiar ordering online.**

In the meantime, please check  out and let me know what you think!  Trying a test run! Thank you!


10 comments on “Journals Made From My Artwork

  1. […] for my taste, but for 99 percent of you reading this, this would be a gorgeous journal to use.  Check out Cheryl McNulty’s new Amish-themed journals here.  While we are on the topic of Cheryl’s art, look at this gem she completed of her […]

  2. PoojaG says:

    Wow they are truly amazing! 😲😲😯

  3. Hunter-grace says:

    MY GOSH!!! that girl and a bunny, her eyes are incredible ………………………

  4. These are all beautiful! I will definitely be ordering one soon!
    – Cynthia

  5. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Journals and cute notebooks are seriously one of my favorite things. I absolutely LOVE writing. I have filled 5 or 6 personal journals in the past two years. And I have so many other journals and notebooks that I use for writing lists, short stories, song lyrics, Reading Logs, and so many other things! These journals are all so adorable. My favorite is the little girl with the bunny. So cute! I will definitely be ordering some soon to add to my journal collection! 🙂

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