An Amish Watercolor Finished!

Hello!  I finally finished my watercolor of the Amish girl. I am so sorry it took so long, but I was actually afraid to paint this picture, as I know that once watercolor goes on paper, you can’t really correct it.  What you see is basically what you get. I am not used to that at all!  I also am not used to all the layering it takes to get vibrancy in a painting, as when you use pastel, it’s usually vibrant on your first stroke!

Anyway, I was very cautious and did make a few mistakes that I did correct in my own way, but I’ll just leave it at that. I also wasn’t planning on a whole background scene for the girl either.  I was just going to add light colors around her and leave it, but that didn’t happen…as you can see! But I really wanted the focus on her face and I think I achieved that anyway!

Phew!!! Am I glad it’s over…until the next one…”gulp”.

Hope you like it.  Cherylamishwatercolorgirlwm


16 comments on “An Amish Watercolor Finished!

  1. Jean Byrnes says:

    So beautiful! Your work is outstanding.

  2. Helen says:

    That is so beautiful. What talent you have.

  3. Theresa C. says:

    Beautiful painting!

  4. Marie Dawson says:

    I absolutely adore this painting. I am not a great fan of water colours, but the this painting certainly speaks volumes . well done.

  5. brenda says:

    very charming

  6. […] see how well the differences are represented.  Anyway, another gem from Cheryl, what do you think? Click here to see!  She suggested I take up painting. I don’t know, at first I dismissed the idea, but it would […]

    • Thank you so much again! I have been receiving so many nice compliments on this painting, which is awesome. It was quite a challenge, but fun. I may even attempt another…soon. And yes Kevin, try it. Put on some quiet music…breathe deep…and let it take you away. There is nothing like it!

      • Yea, people seemed to really like this painting and I did too, you really captured wonderful emotion. I doubt I’d be capable of doing the same. It’s tempting to try it, though, just for creative release…but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.. just go to a Hobby Lobby or something and buy a “beginning’ set” of some sort? It’d be fun to try, I even see a spot in my office where I could….

      • Get an inexpensive set of pastels (they are so much fun of all the media) some pastel paper and start with a sunset and just copy what you see. Go on you tube for beginning pastels and see what they do. Get some latex gloves, put the color on paper and blend with your fingers. It brings you right to your childhood and you see instant results. No waiting for paint to dry ,, etc. ,and you can even erase with an eraser pencil (at hobby lobby) any mistakes. Try it…you WON’T regret it. Tons of fun! And don’t forget the quiet music! 🙂

  7. sonali soni says:

    Your paintings are so fresh and alive, hatts off…!!! Truely said your art work creates a temptation of trying the same and its a refreshing experience when you once finish up a painting. GREAT JOB !!!!

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