“Wash Day” An Amish Watercolor Painting Completed

Hello!  I’m so sorry this took so long to complete.  This was quite new to me to try watercolor like this, and I was so ready to throw it away and start all over again!  Part of me knows my paintings have a certain look to them, but I always want to achieve that really “realistic” look to my paintings, but in my eyes, they never seem to ever look fantastically shaded and so realistic you feel you are looking at a photograph. I guess that does not matter, I paint the way I paint, and as long as I am expressing my love for the subject my way and the best I know how, that should be enough.  I guess I would just take a photograph and not paint if I wanted it to look that realistic!

But anyway, this is the finished piece and I hope you like it. I like that it’s very colorful and just love the cat! I guess I will keep it! :)))

It is also selling on Etsy now if you are interested here:




4 comments on ““Wash Day” An Amish Watercolor Painting Completed

  1. Helen Christensen says:

    Your painting is so beautiful. But all your paintings are beautiful but think I like the watercolor you just did better than the paint. Just my feelings. Have a blessed day.

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