An Amish Watercolor Continued…

I thank you all for your awesome comments on my artwork! I love the ideas for the painting especially.  It’s so great to see how everyone sees one picture so many different ways. Actually, I was thinking of apple picking for this little amish girl,and I did think of feeding chickens as well. But so far I think I am leaning towards “Wash day” as I could see her surrounded in brightly colored,amish dresses hanging from a clothesline, and maybe a random cat by her feet looking up at her. I’m looking at reference photos now of how those dresses shadows and creases look if they are hanging on a line. It’s all done in steps…how’s the grass going to look?…how will the cat look, will it be all white or striped?…all little steps that make for a hopefully pretty painting.

So far this is how far I’ve gotten. I promise to be done by the end of the week, maybe even tomorrow if I stay at it. I am really liking this watercolor though. I love the way it flows and the more layers you use the brighter and richer it becomes. Hope you like it so far, and fear not, after this…I think I will do several others, and they just may be apple picking…and feeding those chickens! Great ideas!  😉


Painting the dress and skin colors


Painting the shading and creases in the dress




3 comments on “An Amish Watercolor Continued…

  1. Lovely folds on the dress! It reminds me of scenes in PA where I went to college.

  2. Oh I love the laundry scene too! And the cat by her feet, that is awesome! Can’t wait to see it!

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