Time To Make A Change

Hello All! I feel so badly I haven’t kept up with my blog, new drawings or putting many new items up on my Etsy shop.  I have been in a slump of sorts and don’t really know what direction to go in anymore.  Should I paint? What should I paint? Do I paint children, Amish themes,animals, fruit??? Do I update my blog and portfolio to make it fresh? Do I try and focus on portrait painting and nothing else? I have too many things I want to do and not enough time to do them and take care of everything at home as well. Oh, how I wish we all had our own life coaches that would tell us what we should do and not do. To cheer us on when we need it most and direct us every step of the way…but we don’t.

Also, just recently I feel like  I may have developed and allergy of sorts with pastels or pastel dust I should say. I certainly hope this is not the case, as I would surely die, as I truly love pastels. After a few hours, my eyes start turning red and slightly itchy and my chest tightens up a bit, so I have to walk away for awhile.  This has been bothering me, to think I would not be able to do this anymore. I will still paint with pastels, but try different papers and not sit as long, just try different things to see if it is allergies. Crossing fingers and praying profusely.

Since the New Year all I have wanted and talked about is “change”.  I want change in everything lately because I feel like I’m standing still and just not growing anymore. I need some excitement going on. So, I have decided to start small and just take baby steps.

First thing I want to do is to definitely make a schedule and stick with it. This schedule will not only be for my artwork, but also for house plans, family get-togethers,etc..I have never really done this, and I know I have to!  Then the second thing I may do is change my blog here and update to a different theme and upgrade. Then integrate my portfolio into that as well and get rid of the old portfolio site I don’t even like to look at anymore. This will be the beginning of change…we can do it….baby steps….but we can do it! Excitement can come back again and new opportunities can come forth, right?  I hope so.

So, I am just letting you know, you may come back here soon and see something completely different, but I hope it will be more interesting and fun to look at. I can’t wait! Hey, was that a little bit of excitement in my voice? I’ll take it!






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