Sock Snowmen…My New Obsession!

Hello everyone.  No, no!  I don’t have art to show you today, but I do have a craft I love doing and it seems I can’t stop!  At least for the Christmas Season anyway.  It’s sock snowmen, and I can’t get over how cute these little guys are. No two are ever the same and the ideas for them are practically endless. I have a small grouping in my kitchen right now, and my husband just laughed to see them all lined up looking at him, and so cute!

I have 3 I’m selling on Etsy right now, but I plan to have more up soon. Oh yes, and they have to have names!  Right now I have Flurry, Chipper and Mr. Twiggs. I love doing them because it gives me a break from all the drawing and I can just create and be a kid again. And then I instantly have a Christmas decoration when I’m done. You can never have too many Christmas decorations!

Anyway here they are…you’ll be seeing more soon.



"Mr. Twiggs"

“Mr. Twiggs”




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