Katie With A Bunny Do Over

Hello.  This post is about a design that seems to be very popular with customers, and it is “Katie With A Bunny”.  This is the little amish girl with the purple dress holding her pet bunny.

I have recently started going over some of my older designs and fixing things that I notice are not as perfect as I like them to be. Since I have improved with my painting along the way, I take the older paintings and just fix little things here and there.

Although I  loved the painting, this painting always bothered me somewhat.  Katie is standing at an odd angle, looking back over her shoulder, and I never liked the way I captured that.  If you look at the newer version, I eliminated the shoulder hump and softened it.  Much better.

The purple dress had odd creases in the sleeves and I changed those. I altered the apron and added more shadows and highlights. I added more color in her cheeks and defined the nose more. Now I really like her. I think that will do!

I think she is perfect now and on to the next one!

Older Version

Newer Version (softened)

Newer Version (softened)


5 comments on “Katie With A Bunny Do Over

  1. […] CHERYL MCNULTY:  Katie with the bunny updated!   Love this artists’s Amish artwork.  Today she shares with us a do over” of one of my favorite portraits! Click here to see Katie with the bunny updated! […]

  2. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nancy Cooper says:

    I really like the portrait of the little boy with the curly hair. He looks so much like my 4 yr old grandson except that my grandson has dark eyes. You have a wonderful ability to paint people that are so real and lifelike.

  4. cheryl says:

    I like the original of Katie with the bunny

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