Snow Couple Acrylic Painting

Just feeling kind of Christmasy!  Don’t know why, but even though it’s not even quite fall yet, I’m already wanting to play Christmas music!  Not the sing song “Jingle Bells” kind of music, but the soft, no words kind of Christmas music.  The kind I want to paint by, it makes me feel like a kid again with no worries.  Do you want a good music cd for that kind of music? Try Radhika Miller “Blossoms In The Snow” on  You can hear samples and you won’t be disappointed!

But I just love this cute, little snow couple! Just enjoying each others company in the frosty air!  They probably don’t even know it’s cold outside.  Wait a minute!  They’re made of snow, how would they know!  wink wink

I hope you enjoy the painting of these two!  If you are interested, they are being sold as cards and prints on my Etsy Shop.  The link to my shop is on my “about”page.

Have a good day!

snow couple

snow couple


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