How To Make an Old Design New Again…

Hello and I know it’s been awhile.  I’m still trying to finish some pastel paintings that are sitting by my desk, but I have been busy getting ready for my daughter’s graduation party, painting the inside of the house, etc etc… but I will get to them this week, I promise.

I just thought I would post this to show you how I have been taking some old designs that I have on hand (from years back) and making them into something more colorful and new.

This design here with the country girl on the swing was a cute design from the ’70’s.  It was made to have just 3 colors, because way back then, color was very expensive at the printers for a big run.(Yes…we took everything to the printers!) So for interest sake, I drew the designs out on ivory stock with black ink, colored them in with red marker and it gave the designs this interesting vintage-look.

Here is a picture of one of the older designs, and the other picture shows how I changed the look to make it more marketable today, colors and all.  Of course, I will also offer the old designs as well, as there are still people who prefer vintage to new, but this is just for example. The new design was done in watercolors and ink on watercolor paper. This is currently on Etsy at Hope you like the change!

Old Design from the'70's

Old Design from the’70’s

Newer Updated Watercolor Version

Newer Updated Watercolor Version


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