Laura Ingalls Wilder and Auld Lang Syne

This is a post that I try to reblog each New Year. Laura Ingall’s words, “Now is now, it can never be a long time ago”, is the perfect message to learn from here.

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I love Laura Ingalls Wilder.  When you read her series of books, you can’t help but feel like your part of her family growing up in and experiencing the pioneer days.  All the inventions, the building of new towns, home cooked meals, and even going through the daily struggles, all seem so real.  She remembers everything.  When you read  her words, they are so descriptive.  You “feel” the wind and “smell” those prairie flowers and “see” that endless prairie sky.

I read this series not as a child, but later on, when the tv series came out.  I guess I was more of a late teen.  So, being curious about her stories,  I bought the set and read every one.  I was totally lost in them, and  as I read , felt I was the camera person watching and filming her family experiences on the sidelines. I even bought a…

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