Dog Angels, Paintings for Pet Loss

Hello!  I just wanted to share with you a new idea I have been trying for friends that have lost their pets.  I have taken a picture of their pet as a reference and painted them with wings and paired them with angels.  I do this so that it is a reminder to the owner that their pet is in a better place.

When I lost my dog, Max, I went searching for that perfect gift out in the stores to bring back home with me something that would comfort me or know that Max was in heaven, but I never really found anything.  There were a lot of rainbow bridges plaques and doggie ornaments with wings and halo, but it wasn’t my Max. I settled for a miniature pinscher ornament and shelf sitter, but still felt untouched.  I would have loved a painting  of my own Dog with an angel in the heavens!

And so, when my friends lost their dogs, I painted their images and made it look like they were welcomed to their “new home” in heaven and they would be safe and waiting for them when it was time.  Just seeing their faces when I gave them the paintings was enough. It was the best feeling.  I hope you like these two paintings, one is in watercolors and the other in pastels.  Both are inspiring.  If you are interested in having one done for you or someone you know, please e-mail me at, and we can discuss it further.  Thanks and have a good day!

angel with Max, a golden Lab in Pastels

angel with Max, a golden Lab in Pastels

angel with Lucky, a springer spaniel in watercolors

angel with Lucky, a springer spaniel in watercolors


11 comments on “Dog Angels, Paintings for Pet Loss

  1. cheryl says:

    Would love a portrait of my cat /one daughter or maybe all 3. Also need one of my grandson’s first cat that he got as a kitten.and had for 17-18 years. He has some developmental problems and he really misses Ginger.

    • Hello Cheryl and thank you for inquiring on the portraits. My portraits with the angels and pets are the two angels you see pictured here (or something similar) and just the pet itself. If it’s pastel portraits that you are inquiring about, please let me know. That’s something entirely different than what you see on Paintings for pet loss.

  2. Michael Pumilia says:

    I’d like to find out about your art for my wife because she is terriblely grief stricken over the loss of her “Angel Boy.” our std poodle this past weekend. It came out of the blue.

    • Hello Michael. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your dog and how upset your wife must be. You can go to my Etsy Shop at and see examples of my work. I paint in watercolors for a painting such as this. I do commissions when I can, and if I paint a custom watercolor like the one pictured with the angel… the size is usually 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11, the cost would probably run $100 or more, depending on the difficulty. The picture of the dog for reference would have to be very clear for me to paint from also. Check out my shop and you can message me over there if you would still be interested.

  3. hmchelen123 says:

    I love those paintings. We have lost 4 dogs over the years and so hard. We have our last dog. A 7 year old tan cocker spaniel. You are so talented. Have a blessed day and week.

  4. PRATIK SAKPAL says:

    Sir can i use your art for my nfp organisation for animal welfare?

  5. Darlene says:

    Hello Cheryl, your work is beautiful!!!!! How would I order the angel and the Golden Retriever print? (angel with max)

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