Pastel Portrait of Mary McManus

Painted this pastel portrait of Mary McManus (98 years young) for her long-time friend and care-giver Patsy Henry. They are both very close friends of the McNulty family.( Historical tidbit-Mary had worked in her younger days at the Rumford Baking Powder Plant here in RI and still lives in the home with Patsy in the same house she was born in near the local fire station).

You can tell how much Patsy loves Mary in just the way she talks about her and how she interacts with her. Patsy does so much to make Mary comfortable and happy, and to watch them together is just so inspiring. When I gave this to Patsy and had her open it up…it was the best feeling ever. She just put her hands to her chest and her eyes welled up and she gave me a hug. That’s all I needed. Then she brought over the picture to Mary, who was sitting by the window watching the traffic go by. She asked her who the painting was of. You could see her looking closely up and down and then she smiled and said “Me?” Patsy said, “Yes, it is”, and Mary said , “That’s beautiful”, and kept looking at it smiling. Too cute!

My daughter, Kelsey was with me and we stayed and talked awhile and that’s when I noticed a firetruck go by. The firemen were staring at the house as they went by. They look for Mary because if they see her outside sitting on the deck, they honk their horns at her and she’ll wave. It was a wonderful visit and I even had roses to take home with me. Perfect.DSC08216


4 comments on “Pastel Portrait of Mary McManus

  1. […] MORE MCNULTY:  I love the pastel artwork of Rhode Island artist Cheryl McNulty and I have linked to her Amish artwork several times.  This isn’t Amish related at all, but it is a pastel portrait of a 98-year-old friend of hers. 98!!! Wow.  Anyway, I just love the portrait. I feel like the lady in the portrait is someone I know (I don’t know her, but the mark of a good artist is making one feel like they do!)  So,  click here to enjoy! […]

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and I was so happy to see these comments on my work! I am sorry I haven’t replied sooner, but I was away for 6 days…guess where? Yes…Lancaster, PA of course…and it was heaven…as it always is. What great memories. We also had dinner out at a restaurant with the Amish family we know. It was a wonderful time! Thanks again all!

  2. Sherry says:

    I live in RI it is so nice to hear something so warm hearted about my state!

  3. Lois Morgan says:

    Now this is a beautiful lady. Life gives you the face you deserve at 98.

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