Amish Boy In The Barn

Here is another completed picture, Amish Boy In The Barn.  As I stated in my previous post, the boy was actually drawn from an old picture of my son when he was quite small.  He had the cutest face! 

It was actually a lot of fun to do.  I hope you like the result.  I plan on sending this to manufacturers of designs for the amish tourist areas in the United States. Maybe…just maybe!Image


4 comments on “Amish Boy In The Barn

  1. So precious, Cheryl. You really rocked the texture of the straw hat.

  2. […]  I like this painting a lot too, very peaceful, captures the more basic boy outlook quite well.    Click here to take a peek at the painting.  What might be even more striking and fascinating is how Cheryl finds the images to paint, she can […]

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