How My Daughter and Son Became Amish

Hello!  I just wanted to share with you what happens when I can’t find any good reference material or little child models to model for paintings I want to complete.  What I do is look through old photo albums when my kids were younger and when I find a perfect pose, I turn them into whatever I would like them to be.

For example,  I can take an old picture of my daughter when she was small, and if she is facing a certain way that I think that I can use, then suddenly she becomes a flower fairy…or an angel…or in this case, an Amish girl.

When I found these pictures, I could picture in my mind what I wanted them to be.  I just change certain items in the pictures to suit my needs and hopefully it comes out the way I want it to.  So far, Patrick is doing a fine job.  We’ll see, as he is not yet completed. He will be holding a goat in a barn, and Caitlin will be smelling flowers in a garden.

And that’s how my daughter and son became Amish…somewhat. I will share these when I am completed.  Hope you like them.ImageImage


One comment on “How My Daughter and Son Became Amish

  1. […] AMISH BOY IN BARN:   Back in February we enjoyed some artwork by Rhode Island painter Cheryl McNalty.  Her image of an Amish girl in a garden was quite captivating.  Today I’m sharing a new painting by Cheryl, this one  of an Amish boy in a barn.  I like this painting a lot too, very peaceful, captures the more basic boy outlook quite well.    Click here to take a peek at the painting.  What might be even more striking and fascinating is how Cheryl finds the images to paint, she can stay pretty close to home!:)  Read  “how my son and daughter became Amish” here. […]

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