My Own Personal Glitter House

Here is a Picture of my own personal glitter house.  I replicated the home I lived at for almost 13 years in the 1970’s to early 1980’s.  I was in my early teens and lived there until I was 24, and my mother and father were still living.  Christmas was always a wonderful time as my mother loved to decorate this house to the brim on the inside, while my father took care of the window boxes and wreaths or lights on the outside.

Since my parents have passed on, I felt the need to “have” something to remember this time and their presence, as I felt a sadness or emptiness, especially at Christmas.  This house was somewhat of an extension of them and the way it was designed with that great peak out in the front, just gave it it’s own personality. Years later,  I would still drive by this house just to stare and remember the great times we had here.  A picture just was not enough.

I had seen these pictures of glitter houses that people made for christmas in all shapes and sizes, and instantly wanted to try and make one, and that’s when it hit me.  I will make a glitter house of the house we had the best memories in.  I found a photo and just got to work.  I looked up how they made the plans, glued it to the base, adding snow-tex snow, etc. And somehow, I ended up with what you see here, although I have yet to add the glitter. Now,  I can turn this little house on and feel as if I could walk right up to that door and be welcomed in.  I now can say I finally feel peace at Christmas and feel as if we are all together again.  This took some time, but it was just so worth it!






2 comments on “My Own Personal Glitter House

  1. It’s lovely, Cheryl!

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