The Innocent Gift

This is a picture I created as I was thinking of the homeless.  I had wanted to do a picture of charity around Christmastime, and this is what I came up with. I would also like to try a picture with a Salvation Army person and a child giving  or something along those lines.  I will keep thinking that over until it goes down on paper. But for now, enjoy “The Innocent Gift”.  The little girl is unaware how much her innocent gift really means. This is also available on Fine Art America.



3 comments on “The Innocent Gift

  1. This is so sentimental and lovely, Cheryl. Your best work yet.

  2. I see you there alongside the streets in your tiny ashrams. I don’t know your name- nothing about you. I look around me, within, and I know how very blessed I am. But I cannot contain it all inside and so… off I go handing out sandwiches and soups made with love, blankets and sleeping bags from above. As God has blessed me… He blesses you. * heart* * heart* * heart*

  3. Thank you afternoon artist…you have just made my day. 🙂

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