The Gift Of Innocence, A Christmas Watercolor Painting

Ok, I know I am still doing Fall images and I love doing them, but I can’t stop thinking of Christmas either.,  I love Christmas and how it makes me feel.

Anyhow, I have had this  image drawn out forever on tracing paper, then tried it several times in pastel and then in watercolor, but in muted colors and a background.  I had to keep throwing pictures away because it just didn’t look right. I then decided I would do the picture with bold Christmas colors and a white background so it wouldn’t muddy the image up, and also so you could really see what was happening here.

I love the image, because I wanted to show charity at Christmas.  First, I had wanted something to do with the Salvation Army, but decided…maybe later.  Then the homeless came up.  I wanted to depict a gift of charity that just came from the heart at Christmas, and this is how it happened.  I hope you like it.

I also want to add a quote and a cute border, but for now, I think this sends the message.  Enjoy.

The Gift Of Innocence


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