First Attempt Of A Horse In Pastel

Here is the first attempt of a horse in pastel.  The picture was from a friends photo that wasn’t the best as I really couldn’t see the eyes and the picture itself was fuzzy.  I did the best I could and I did this on velour, which made it much more difficult.  I am not really happy with the color choice of the background, as it doesn’t really make the horse “Pop” which I wanted.  I am not too familiar with doing backgrounds on velour and so I was afraid to even attempt that yet.

I am going to try this on a smoother paper which I can blend on and put a background that brings it to life…I hope.  I will share it after I complete it.  Let’s see the differences between the two then.  Anyway, hope you like the attempt. 🙂



4 comments on “First Attempt Of A Horse In Pastel

  1. I am new at being an artist but I find it so interesting that we are so critical of our work! I would have never thought anything about the background of your picture! I would have just looked at it and thought wow! That is impressive!

    • Wow, thanks so much Andrea. It’s so true about being critical. It’s like when I do a picture I want so much more from it. When I actually sent this to the friend that wanted me to do this, he said it took his breath away and it was beautiful. I guess that’s all I should be looking for. If this makes him that happy, then it’s enough. 🙂

  2. Littleskew says:

    Wow! This is amazing. You have such a wonderful talent. I just love to look through your work 🙂

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