Pastel Beach Picture in Progress

I am in the  process of finishing a pastel picture of a girl on the beach. This is a little difficult,  as I am at a stand still right now trying to figure out what color I should render the sky in.  The ocean is so blue already, I am wondering if I should do a pink sky.  I don’t know.

I just can’t wait too finish this and start on other projects!  I will let you know when I finish.

Girl on the beach


6 comments on “Pastel Beach Picture in Progress

  1. Kalynn says:

    this is really lovely.

  2. Littleskew says:

    I really like what you have done so far and can’t wait to see it finished

  3. Rhodygal says:

    Very nice. Check out my pics of Curacao. The water looks just like that and the sky is a different blue. Maybe use a “rock reef” (just like the beach in Curacao) to split the two.

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