Singing Santa and Reindeer

Here is a pastel picture I just completed, based on an old colored pencil drawing I did awhile back.  It was originally drawn for my husband’s Christmas birthday, and Santa and the reindeer had party hats instead of the santa hats.  It also had text that read, “Merry Birthday To You!” at the top.

I just figured I would make it a general Christmas card design, instead of a birthday one.  I do like the way the colors came together here, they are definitely warmer and softer.  It was harder to render in pastel as it is hard to get into tiny spaces and the control is a little different.  I did it though. I also left a considerable amount of space at the top of the design, so whomever decides to use the design can put their own text on it.  It won’t limit it this way.

Hope you like it!  Let me know what you think, oh and also, if you would, please “like” me on Facebook  (that you see on the side of this page here) it would be neat to see the number of  my 27 fans go higher  and  I’d get more views this way. Thanks all!


Singing Santa and Reindeer


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