Pictures In The Making Continued Once More

Okay, I’m finally done with Santa.  It took me much longer than I thought as I was doing the Christmas thing and putting up the tree and putting out the lights, etc…  So sorry for this.  I could draw 24/7 and not tire, but life happens and it has to be put aside.  It’s a constant struggle for me.

But here he is and I am happy with it, but feel I am still not quite done.  It looks like it needs some text or something at the top. I do usually draw in my own message, but I didn’t add any text here so it could be added later with Photoshop.  This way I could add any message I want such as Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or just a cute quote.  Maybe I will even add a paper scroll with a message on it.  It gives me a little more freedom.

I had trouble deciding what color the girls dress should be.  Since she is so close to Santa’s bright red coat, it had to be an accent color.  If I colored the dress let’s, it would throw it all off.  I could have gone with a blue of some kind, but it just did not seem Christmasy enough for me. I could have also gone with a yellow, but then the background is mostly golden in color and again, it would have lost the “ooomph” I was going for.  So, I went with the safest bet, red and white stripe, like a candy cane!  That would work, and I think it does.

Well I hope you like the way it turned out.  One down, and a bunch to go.  The baby fairy is on my drawing board now and I’m planning already. This one shouldn’t take too long though, as it not a full-page picture.  I will post it when I am done.

Well, back to the drawing board, and Christmas!  Thanks! 🙂

Santa Hugging Girl completed


2 comments on “Pictures In The Making Continued Once More

  1. anniespickns says:

    Oh that is so sweet. I love it.

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