Two Awesome, Christmas Screen Savers

I have something to show you! I just found these two screen savers and I have to tell you , they are so realistic!!!  First of all, I want to live at this place right now!  I can’t believe the quality of this screensaver.  It is Snow Village 3D and it almost reminded me of Polar Express the way the snow is falling and the scenery and all. Beautiful!

I  know this is only a screensaver, but can you picture this as a dvd you could play on your wide flat screen tv that just keeps playing??? I wouldn’t take my eyes off it!  And I  really think they should make this into an xbox game where you could just walk through the town and go into every store, ice skate  and maybe even interact with the people on the street.  You know,  just kind of taking in the scenery.  I’d play it!!!

Anyway, hope you like it!  I also attached the screen saver with Santa in his Sleigh flying over the town at night with his reindeer.  This also looks real.  Check it out!  They are both awesome!  I’m such a kid at Christmas! 🙂


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