Pictures In The Making

I felt I should try something a little different for this post.

I am currently in the process of trying to come up with at least 24 new designs before the end of the year. I need to do this because I have not drawn anything new since last year, and I need to refresh my inventory, so to speak.  I want to be able to send these designs to an art licensing company or greeting card company, and this requires many designs and only the best. So I’m going to really try hard at this.

Anyway, I just thought it would be fun to show you how my drawings come to life and to do the process in stages. This way you can see how the whole process comes together and how an idea comes to life.   I have many that are on the drawing board right now, but I will show you two that I am currently working on.

Since I have not drawn in such a long time, it’s almost  like starting from scratch.  I have to review all my colored pencil books and blending techniques, put on some music that inspires me, and just start drawing. And it’s funny, every time I do go back to drawing after a long period of time like this, it seems I improve on my technique, and that’s a good thing.

The first part of the process is first thinking of what holiday I should be drawing for, or what thought do I want to convey.  Then I start going through all my Norman Rockwell books, children’s illustrator books and magazine cuttings of people’s poses, etc., and write notes or jot ideas down. When a complete thought comes to mind, I draw this out on tracing paper.  When that is done, I ink that and redraw that onto bristol board ( a thicker paper).  Then it’s color time, and this is the fun stage.

I always color the faces or the skin first, because to me,  it feels like the object I am drawing is no longer flat.  It seems more alive. Many artists do this stage last, because it can throw off the colors,  but I just go back and darken the figure for balance if it needs it. It gets me excited the more realistic the skin looks on paper, almost glowing.

After this is done the way I want, I can almost envision what the colors should be around the figure.  Then it begins, layer on layer.  Usually starting the lightest colors to the dark, and the picture slowly comes to life.

So here goes.  I am already beyond the tracing paper stage on these two designs.  I am now in the coloring stage of the skin and facial features.  Doesn’t it seem like they just jump off the page!  They both still seem a little light in color here, but as I go, they will darken just a bit.

Baby Fairy In Meadow

Girl Hugging Santa

I will try to post another blog post in a day or so (I hope) showing you the middle stage.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this.  Now…back to drawing and everything else….Thanks.


2 comments on “Pictures In The Making

  1. Littleskew says:

    Can’t wait to see these finished 🙂

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