Look Closely…

Early in the summer, my daughters and I went to the park not far from us that is right on the water.  We love to go there when the air is still and it’s not too hot.  Then it is perfect.  If you go during the week, it’s even a bigger plus because you don’t get all the noise from kids and loud motorcycles and such. Just perfect quiet.  The boats glide out over the water and the only noise you hear is the water hitting the rocks on the wall.

What I really think is neat when I go there, are the strange trees that are just grouped together in the picnic area.  They are not too tall, very light in leaves, and their trunks are “wavy”.  I think they are beautiful, but I’ve never seen trees like this.  I keep telling myself that it was probably the wind that made their trunks grow like that, when they were growing. I don’t really know.  Anyway, they make for some very interesting pictures…as you see here.

The Very Interesting Trees

Now this day that I brought my camera, I did the usual shots of the kids, the water and then the trees.  Although the trees were beautiful, there was something else in those pictures that was just as beautiful, that I captured almost by mistake.  Look closely….. Do you see it???

The Other Beautiful Picture

Yes, that picture was perfect.  I could not have taken a better picture.  I hope my husband and I are just like this couple here in the years to come.  So cute!

So, next time you take a picture, look closely…you might just find another treasure there.  I did!  🙂


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