Ernest H. Shepard (via Cherylmcnulty’s Blog)

Ahhh, another reblog. But I had forgotten about Ernest Shepard. There are times I just want to go back and read all the old books that were either read to me as a child, or read by myself in a corner somewhere. I find I really need  to do this lately.  It’s sort of an escape. Anyway, enjoy! Cheryl

Ernest H. Shepard When I was a little girl, my mom would read to my sister and I before bed and it was usually from A.A. Milne’s, “Winnie The Pooh” or “Now We Are Six”.  I simply loved the stories and assorted poems.  For me, Shepard’s simple black, ink drawings were perfect, and I couldn’t wait for my mother to turn each page to reveal the next one!  I truly believe these drawings influenced the way I draw today. Shepard  seemed to draw children so simply, yet th … Read More

via Cherylmcnulty’s Blog


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