Let Us Be Silent (via Cherylmcnulty’s Blog)

I found this nice blog and thought I’d repost. I’m really having a hard time thinking of things to blog about lately. Maybe I need to read more. It gets my creative juices flowing. Anyway, enjoy this one for now…and I will come up with something…I’m sure! 🙂

Let Us Be Silent There are times when you just have to relax, get away and just have some quiet time.  Get away from the phones, the pagers and everything else that is constantly in our daily lives every hour of the day.  I believe, no matter how much we love the conversations and constant interaction with others, sometimes we just have to break away and just find a quiet place,close our eyes, and enjoy the peacefulness. Go outside and sit on your deck, or go for … Read More

via Cherylmcnulty's Blog


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