Finally, Some Good News/Ted Williams

Well, I for one am so happy that Ted williams, the homeless man with the golden voice,  gets his second chance.  I hope he makes the best of it and never turns back.  It feels good to finally hear some good news for a change.

For those of you who may not know who I am talking about, or what this miraculous story is about, it’s about a homeless man who was found on the street with a handwritten sign about how God had blessed him with the gift of voice and had fallen on hard times.  He was found panhandling, when someone stopped and asked (as they recorded him) to show what he could do with his voice.  The rest is history.

I just love this story, and he seems so humble and grateful, that I can not stop watching and listening to him.

Then, when they found out he hadn’t seen his mother in 20 years, they set up a meeting for him to see her, and  captured the moment .  It is both sad and happy at the same time.  I want to cry every time I hear him, a 53 year old man, enter that room and continually call out, “Hi Mommy!. Hi Mommy! ”  I just want to hold him. Then as you hear him talking to his mother and tell her about everything that has happened to him, although the cameras are watching and taping and completely surrounding him, you almost get the feeling that he and his mother are the only one’s in the room.  He is concentrating on just her and nothing else. It is definitely a story that will be remembered forever.

Te d Williams. I wish you all the luck  in the world. Thanks for the inspiration and hope.  There still are great stories out there somewhere.  Lets find more.


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