Autumn In New England

I just love Autumn in New England.  I can think of nowhere else I would rather be this time of year.  I want to pick apples, go on pumpkin rides, go antiquing, make a scarecrow.  I’m just a kid all over again, and I love it.  I’ll share it all with my kids, too.

I have this music(CD) I had bought at a drugstore many years ago called “Autumn in New England” and I would play it in my car driving with the kids to all the cool “Fallish” events we would go to.  Do you know to this day, they remember and just love this music!  They absorb things like a sponge and they stick, and now rhey are in their teens, but they still love to remember all the things we would do in the fall.  It just never goes away.

So here..I found this music  and it come from my cd,  Close your eyes and listen and think of romping through leaves and pumpkin pie!  Enjoy! 🙂

My kids when they were younger at a pumpkin farm(see the smiles)


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