For The Laughter Of Children

I know…I’m sorry.  It has been some time since I wrote my last blog. It has been crazy and I can’t seem to straighten out my new schedule and find time to do everything I want to do.  but I figured I’d just throw something out there and go with it.

This illustration I did awhile ago and it brings back such memories for me as a child.  I remember going outside early in the morning and not going back in, except for bathroom breaks and lunch.  I’d come back to the house when the street lights would come on.  Wow, how things change.

We played hopscotch, softball, statue, red light green light, tag…you name it.  it was great.  Now today, there is not one kid I know that is not looking down at their Blackberry, phone or otherwise.  They don’t even look up.  “Hellllooo!  I’m over here!!!”  Whatever happened to conversing , for God’s sake!

I don’t get it.

But anyway, I know when I am sitting in a park by myself, or even in my backyard on my deck…and I hear children in the distance at recess at the nearby school, and I hear laughter, It brings it all back.  The innocence and  feeling  of ultimate freedom that a child possesses, I’d take it back in a minute.

Yes, thank God for the laughter of children.  It’s like music for the tired soul.  🙂

For The Laughter Of Children

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