On Golden Pond

For some odd reason, I started thinking of this great movie from 1981.  It must be the time of year. The Fall.

My mind always starts reeling as the leaves take on their  vibrant colors and the air contains a slight chill.  Although it is beautiful, it has a sadness to it, the end of summer.  The leaves are really dying, but it can be breathtaking.  I somehow want to bake pies, go hiking and be with nature as much as I can, before it’s all brown…and gone.  Memories of the past start flooding my brain of past Halloweens and Thanksgivings, kids jumping in leaves and going on pumpkin rides.

So for some reason, this movie came to mind…I think it was the piano music from the movie I remember loving so much.  It went so well with the meaning of this movie.  When you listen to it in the very beginning, you know you are in for a great movie.  It’s slow and beautiful, with the haunting sound of the loons that visit the pond every year.  The movie itself is about relationships, the passing of time and change.  For me, that’s all I need for a great movie.

The cast was perfect.  Henry Fonda plays Norman Thayer and Katherine Hepburn, his devoted wife, Ethel.  Their daughter, Chelsea, was perfectly played by Jane Fonda, and you could see before your very eyes the relationship  between the two (for real) grow and become closer.  You could feel Jane’s agony as she struggles to get closer to her Dad.  This always makes me cry at the end of the movie as they overcome this obstacle.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, now would be the perfect time.  It will surely make you feel good inside and the memory of it will linger on.  You might want to even visit where it was filmed, like I always wanted to.  It was filmed on Squam Lake in Holderness, New Hampshire.

Beautiful!  Enjoy these clips and escape. 🙂


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