In Praise Of The Violin

Patrick, Caitlin and Kelsey playing at church

3 Violins…Waiting

Caitlin Plays

An old newspaper clipping

What can I say…I love the violin.  To me, it can on the one hand, sound joyous and happy, and all at once, sound like it’s crying.  I love the sound in country,folk songs and in irish jigs.

My son, Patrick always loved music.  He was only small when he first saw “Riverdance” on television.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.  The violin was very prevalent in a lot of the music in that show.  Then one Sunday at church, he  heard the violin as it was being  being played by a woman there, who was also accompanied by the piano.  They were playing songs for church, but the music sounded so sweet.  Patrick was only about 5 or 6, but he wanted to play the violin from that  moment.  After church, I talked with the woman and asked if she would teach Patrick, which she did.  he loved it and took to it rather quickly.  Then  Caitlin followed, and then Kelsey followed soon after.  All 3 were playing and they all started playing at church.  It was nice and it was neat seeing them up there  together.

To make a long story short though, they soon started fighting when they should have been practicing.  The love had gone from it and they weren’t really growing anymore.  The newness had worn off and they wanted to try new things.  Patrick still seemed interested, but had found the guitar and was playing that more than the violin.  I was rather sad to think all that time and practice and talent, was just disappearing.

i figured I would try to find someone new to teach them.  Someone young and exciting.  And I found him on Craigslist.  It was a young man who had just graduated from Brown University and had music in his soul.  He lived it.  His name was Jonathan and I was excited that the new teacher was a young man, because it made Patrick realize it wasn’t just women who played the violin. He came to the house for lessons and he was very good.  The kids totally enjoyed their lessons and they were playing new and exciting things.  It only lasted a year or so and then Jonathan had to go.  I was devastated.  The kids missed him and then the violins laid silent once more.  The kids did a few things here and there, playing for small functions and weddings, but without guidance and new lessons, there was nothing.

That time was so precious and it was neat when the 3 would play together. They were always right on key and playing together didn’t even seem like an effort.  I will remember those times fondly and my husband says they are still going to play…somehow.  He doesn’t want them to give it up, not after all that time and money.  He says they will regret it some day.  They don’t see that now, of course, but I’m sure it will always be a part of them.  Patrick is still playing in college, but at home…the guitar is picked up more than the violin.  He doesn’t realize what he’s missing. Kelsey will be playing still at an ensemble at high school, but caitlin has nothing right  now.  My husband wants me to find someone for her to keep up with the others.  We’ll see.

But I will always remember those times fondly and wish they would have never had ended.

Here are some video clips of Jonathan playing with Patrick, Caitlin and  Kelsey at their recital with him.

<iframe src=”; width=”400″ height=”300″ frameborder=”0″>violin recital from Cheryl McNulty on Vimeo.

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