Just To Vent

Yes, just to vent…I truly believe that if I passed away tomorrow that….

*There would be no toilet paper in my house

*if there was toilet paper, it would never go “on” the roll, but sit on top of an empty spool

*my houseplants would surely die

*there would never be any ice cubes-just empty frozen trays in the freezer…forever.

*there would never be such a thing as folded towels and washcloths-they would be pulled from baskets.

*no filling of water jug, either…sorry! (that’s alright, there is no ice, anyway!)

*no one would clean up pee puddles from dog-just paper towels on top!

*Wait…there would be no paper towels either:)

*toilets would NEVER be washed down…and forget the shower stall.

*Flowers outside-dead!

*Wait, first you have to buy flowers–forget flowers outside-never happened

*and dishes would never make it from the sink, or tabletops, or upstairs rooms, to the dishwasher.

Yep, I truly believe that all of this would happen, if I passed away tomorrow.

Of course, i know this is all small stuff- but, oh, so annoying!!!

Venting done.  Thanks. 😉


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