Uncle Larry

Are there relatives in your past that were characters, or stood out from  others because they were so original or unique?  Well, I would like to start blogging about some of the relatives I remember from my past and  blog about what I remember about them.  They can make very interesting posts. The first one I would like to start with is my Uncle Larry.

From what I remember, Uncle Larry was always an older man.  He was tall and spindly with tan wrinkled arms and  fine wisps of grey,white hair on his head.  He always wore  thick-rimmed black glasses,  and his forearm had the tatoo of an anchor  on it from when he was in the service.  We always thought that was pretty cool.  When I saw him, he always seemed to wear the same  colored clothes everyday, khaki grey pants and a muted green shirt.

We were told by my mom that he was married to her step-sister, then they divorced.  But he always came to my summer birthdays for cookouts and his ex (my Aunt Ruthie) would be there also.  I always thought that must have made him feel a little awkward.  If it did, it never showed.

We saw him quite frequently as he would drive my mom to the post office, store and other errands during the day, as she hadn’t learned how to drive yet (she was over 30) and dad was at work with the car during the day.   When he became my brother’s godfather, it seemed he was around even more.  He always brought Dunkin Donuts with him  when he came, and he always knew our favorites- chocolate frosted and chocolate glazed.  We loved to see Larry come in the door!

He would sit at our kitchen table with his legs crossed and take out his black, shiny pipe, and my sister and I would watch intently as he pulled out a pouch of tobacco.  He would scrape the inside of the bag to get the tobacco full in the pipe and pack it down tight with his index finger.  It was black cherry tobacco, and it smelled heavenly.  I would eat it if I could!  We sat there and watched him smoke that pipe, and he would make smoke rings with his mouth,  joke around with us and tell funny stories. He would always sing this little ditty that would drive us insane.  He’d sing, “And the birdies are singin’ in the trees”, and make up random sing- songy verses that were silly.

I remember one day  he took my mom to the post office and waited outside for her.  I guess he must’ve moved the car to get out of someone’s way  and there was another car just like his in the parking lot.  My mother came out and went straight to the other car, got in and started talking without looking up.  Talking and talking (my mother could talk).  My uncle watched  from his car the whole time.  All he did was laugh!  My mom finally looked up to see it wasn’t Larry she was talking to.  The man looked pretty scared!  My mother was never so embarrassed.  When we heard the story, we all never  laughed so hard!

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Uncle Larry.  He ended up getting cancer and I just remember him not being so pleasant anymore…he was angry, and I didn’t blame him!  

At his wake…one of my firsts…he did not look like Larry to me.  Other people there started to say the same thing.  That’s when we  realized he didn’t have his thick- rimmed black glasses on his face.  He always wore those.  As soon as June, his daughter, placed them on his face, I recognized him.  That was Larry.

Larry- he was a very special,nice man.

I miss him.  Love you, Larry!

The Infamous Uncle Larry


2 comments on “Uncle Larry

  1. Colleen says:

    Hey Cheryl,

    Nice memories. I remember that story about mom getting into someone else’s car, in fact, just recently told that story to some of my coworkers who laughed.

    Tim actually posted a great picture of Larry on Facebook a while back. Seeing that you are not on FB, maybe you can have one of the kids download and save it, so you can post it.

    If not, let me know. I can send it to you. I also have some pics of Nana (though, I am sure you do, too). Now that I have my scanner (I just love my scanner!), I can scan and send them to you.

    Take care,

    Love, Sis

    • Thanks for commenting! Yes, could you send me the pic of Larry. I think I had saved it once from when the kids had seen it on Tim’s FB, but I must have lost it when I deleted photos that time. Thanks, Colleen! ❤

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