Thorns and Roses Again

I love this quote!  Trying to find the “positive” in any situation  can be difficult, but if you really look hard enough, you may find it.  This quote really does make you think.

I had posted this awhile back, but thought because this illustration looks so  much like summer, I’d post it again.  I love the roses and the way the girl is all dressed in her summer dress and straw hat.  I just want summer so badly, can’t

Thorns and Roses

 you tell?

I really have to buckle down and get back to drawing.  It really is a stress reliever!  My colored pencils are calling me!  I feel so bad as I look over to my desk, and everything is just sitting there…untouched.  The colored pencils in their holders and paper strewn in piles on the floor and in drawers.  I’ve got countless magazine clippings and photos of things to give me inspiration for the quotes I want to illustrate.  I say I will get to it, but I never do.:(  It is really rather sad, because I feel like I’m losing a part of me, and when I do start back up again, I feel as if I’m starting from scratch all over again.

I will do this…I will.

But for now, here is another “Beautiful Girl” with her heart wristlet.  (I love putting hearts into my pictures!)  Enjoy!  🙂


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