Okay, this may seem a little unusual.  In the ’70’s, I came up with a series of characters called Ped-Heds.  I came up with the character while doodling in my high school class one day (go figure).  I came up with this goofy looking character that had just a head and a foot and made them into greeting cards, to hopefully sell to a greeting card company (as always).  I had the series sent in for copyright protection (officially) and then started sending them out to various card companies.  As I drew them more and more, they became what you see today.  They became cuter and had funny sayings, and it seemed perfect for it’s time.  Then one day, I received a contract in the mail from a large New York Company that dealt with alot of work overseas, as well as here in the U.S.  They were very interested, but the contract was not drawn up very well.  It looked a little shabby.  So I took this contract to a lawyer I knew, and had him review it just to be safe.  

Needless to say I was very excited.  Dreams of me finally reaching my goal in life and doing what I loved and getting paid for it, was unbelievable.  I couldn’t wait to sign on the dotted line, but wait…..

The lawyer made recommendations to the contract and things had to be reworded on the contract, or I would not be protected.  They could take everything and I would not get a penny if I signed it as is.  I was crushed.

The Lawyer sent the recommendations to the company and we waited.  They came back by saying the contract was fine the way it was and that there were too many recommendations. I called them hoping beyond hope this could still work.  This was all a mistake.  But no…

On the phone they told me they thought it over and that they couldn’t do, or wasn’t interested in, the idea any longer, and that was that.  Dreams dashed…again. 😦

I was miserable for a long while, but I had to think that if I had signed that contract, it could have been worse.  I tried after that to send them to other companies, but got rejected or was told they looked deformed.

Many years later, I was talking to someone about this whole episode in my life, and this person told me they thought they remembered seeing or hearing of Ped-Heds, but it was not “me” they saw on an interview, or where ever they heard about this.  It was someone else.  I was furious!

This was before computers were so popular and I never checked it out, but looked everywhere in shops to see if I saw them anywhere.  I never did. 

I google the word “Ped-Hed” now and don’t see anything.  But will anyone out there let me know if you do… and also tell me what you think of this character.  I tried putting arms and legs to the character, but I don’t know if it does it any justice.  Then I’ll have to change the name!!!

Anyway, world…this is a “Ped-Hed”©, and even though I am no longer Cheryl Riley, I am now Cheryl McNulty and I am the creator!!!!

The End

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" Ped-Hed


"I was just lying here thinking of you." Ped-Hed


"Friends are for sharing the best of times!"


2 comments on “Introducing…PED-HEDS©

  1. Jenta says:

    “Ped-Heads” ring a bell with me too, i can recall hearing the name and also seeing characters that were feet…but maybe it was just something similar…sorry that’s not much help…but i love your characters and i hope it all works out for you this time.
    P.S. Don’t add arms and legs, they are charming as they are 😉

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