Summertime In The 1970’s

The Famous Hibachi Grill

Sitting out front on our porch (70’s)

Oh yes, I remember  summer in the 70’s like it was yesterday.  These times were the best.  I was just a teen experiencing love and everything was exciting.

Tank tops,bell bottom jeans and cut-off shorts.  Hanging out on the front porch with my sister and friends.  Tan and slim and acting goofy, waiting for it to turn dark, that’s all.

We always had potato salad and burgers on the grill…the hibachi.  Dad would use the charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid (I can still smell it to this day) and waited for the charcoal to turn to hot ash.  After dinner there would be toasted marshmallows, which always had there own unique taste. That was the smell of summer, along with the smell of Skin-So-Soft from Avon.  After a day at the beach, you would come home and have a warm bath to wash off all the sand and the coconut-smelling Coppertone suncream (hardly ever used a shower) and the oils would soften and smooth the skin to feel like velvet, and the smell…heavenly.

Some “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific”  or “Herbal Essence” (just one fragrance) shampoo and you smelled great!  Everyone had long hair…until Dorothy Hamill came on the scene.  That’s when I cut mine.

Anyway, when we would have cook outs, my dad would go down the street to get ice, not at Sunnybrook Farms  Milk store but the ice house, which just cut ice for you.  He would load the ice in metal garbage cans 3/4 full and then load every soda imaginable in there.  Every can was icy cold…and I’m sure, very sugary.  Who cared!  After dinner we always had Entenmanns Cakes, chocolate chip cookies or brownies, which were then, rather new.

I think of it now, when my sister and I would sit outside on the lounge chairs all day, starting as early as the spring just to get a tan, it was like even though we sat in the driveway, men were everywhere gawking.  From the pizzeria behind our house, where the guys constantly put out trash, especially when they saw us out there. To the milk man, bakery truck man,egg man, meter reading guy…everyone came to the house.  How did we ever get any privacy???  I can’t believe how you had all these people showing up at the house.

Do you remember the ice cream man…and then the lawn mower truck (they would also sharpen your blades).  They had a truck that sounded like the ice cream man, and it always fooled me!

My sister and I hung out on the porch most of the time blasting our stereo from the living room listening to tunes like “Na Na Hey Hey” and “OOh, OOh Child”.  If not that then we would listen to her toot-a-loop, does anyone remember this thing????  It was a radio shaped like an O and you could open it and sit it on a table in the shape of an “S”.  Look it up on google. So funny.

We had Prell shampoo and floating Ivory Soap, then there was also Irish Spring or Tone, and Colgate Toothpaste.  That’s the names I remember.  My Mom smoked “BelAirs” or “Salems” and Dad always smoked the filterless  “Lucky Strikes”.  You could also buy these at the gas station down the street in a vendor machine…anyone could buy them. Amazing.

Rocky Point Amusement Park was our destination in the summertime.  It wasn’t summer until we went their with our boyfriends or friends.  That was the best, besides long days at the beach.  Clamcakes and chowder…and still we were thin!

Yes, I remember it was like yesterday. and I would take all that stress- free time back in a minute, before they invented computers and cell phones and all  the interruptions that go along with them.

These were definitely good times…good times.  🙂

Here are some songs that epitomize the summertime of the ’70’s.  Perfect!

2 comments on “Summertime In The 1970’s

  1. ahahha mom its your daughter kelsey and I love this!
    I wish i lived back in those times because I hate my generation so much with all the technology :[ I wish there were times still like that …I Love You ❤

    • Thank you, Kelsey. That’s so nice. Don’t be so down on your generation, your generation has some advantages. But I do know what you mean. You’ll have some great memories of your past someday, too. Love you, too! ❤ ❤

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