Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Yes, I know this is almost the end of May and the Post is entitled “Sleep In Heavenly Peace”, but this quote doesn’t always necessarily have to be about Christmas, does it.  I did illustrate this quote for this reason, but I know it could be used for everyday as well.

Just looking at the little girl sleeping here makes me want to take a nap.  It also makes me wish I could be a little girl again and have someone tuck me in and as I hold my doll close,  I’ll  feel as if everything is alright with the world.  Then my mother or father will kiss me on the forehead and I’ll fall into a deep slumber.  Now that’s heaven.

With all the things going on out there in the world right now, I would give everything just to have that safe and warm feeling again and not know anything. I think today alot of the innocence is gone at such a young age, and how sad.  My childhood years were the best, in my eyes.  We did have some rough spells, but I have some great memories, and I will share them as I continue with more posts.

In the meantime…enjoy.  Now go take a small cat nap…;)

Sleep In Heavenly Peace


4 comments on “Sleep In Heavenly Peace

  1. Ji says:

    I wish I can sleep and have a sweet dream in heaven!
    Happy Post!

  2. This is a very nice illustration.

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