Pastels From The Past

Okay, here is an example of the kinds of portraits I did years ago.  I’m talking late teens here.  I used to love to do pastel portraits of models in magazines and go crazy with color.  I never went to school for it, but I took out “How To” books on portraits from the library.  I learned the basics, but  also had a talent there, because I never really traced anything.  It was all just looking back and forth from picture to paper and hoping it all came together. It always did.  I was lucky.

If I thought the nose or something looked a little off, I would hold the picture in front of the mirror and the defects would show up.  I’d fix it from there, and that’s how I did it.

Then, the best part was putting the color down.  It was like I was putting make-up on  a face.  I would start with the palest color of peach and work my way up to shadows and then the pink cheeks, eye color, shadow, lashes and hair.  I loved doing wisps of blonde hair on a dark background.

When I showed this picture to my children, they wanted me to do more of these.  I don’t even know if  I would want to attempt it, but I probably should.  It was great fun, too, but after awhile, it all felt empty.  They were just pictures of faces and I wanted to get across a feeling or get across a message.  I wanted more from the pictures.  That’s when the quotes and more expressive material came about.

But I am always amazed when I look back on these portraits, because I can’t even believe I had done them.  I hope you like this one!

Pretty In Pastel

I will show more as I post further.  Enjoy! 🙂


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