An Unfinished Picture

I came across this picture in my old pieces of artwork from when I was a teen (which was the 70’s).  Back then,  my drawings were mostly of fairies and girls that stood along the coastline or on hillsides.  I don’t know why, I guess it’s just the way I was feeling. All about solitude and fantasy.

I rather like this picture and the way the figure is sitting, and I know that I was intending her to pull aside a blade of grass to view something…I don’t know what though.  I’d like to finish this picture,  and instead of the crayon I used here and old manila paper, use my bristol board and colored pencils.  I will try this and then post it when I am done.

Time here is just a little shorter as I have started a new job, but I am determined not to stop my drawing, so hang in there with me.   I also intend to try more fairy pictures as they seem like great fun!  Thanks. Enjoy!  🙂

An Unfinished Fairy Picture


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