Starry, Starry Night / Vincent Van Gogh Video

I went searching for the perfect video to this beautiful song which I loved when I first heard it in the 70’s.  Being an artist, I really appreciated the lyrics and what  Don McLean was trying to say about Vincent Van Gogh.  So much emotion, that it makes me wish I knew more about these artists from that era.  So much passion,  you just can  feel  it when you look at their work.  This was their life!

My dad even loved this song, and I always thought that was strange because he was such a man’s man, and this was all about  art, emotion and beauty.  But he was also  a very emotional  person, and I thought that was very neat.

So, enjoy this video.  It is a nice tribute and then read a little on Vincent Van Gogh, as he was a  very interesting man and artist.  Enjoy. 🙂


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