A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It

Hello again.  I posted this video because it is a beauty, and if you have 3 minutes to spare, I’m sure it will relax you.

The music is from one of my favorite movies, and I love movies with deep meaning.  It is a moving story of a relationship between father and sons.

They say it is a true story of two boys, Norman and Paul, growing up in Montana  One is rebellious of his father, Rev. Maclean, while the other has his feet on the ground.  The one love they all share is fly fishing.  I believe it was directed by Robert Redford, a plus in itself, but  also Brad Pitt plays the rebellious son-another plus!  Please watch the movie sometime, you will surely love it.

Hope you love the videos. 🙂



3 comments on “A River Runs Through It

  1. knoxblevins says:

    I have never actually seen it. I should though. I’ve heard it’s good, and I love Brad Pitt as an actor. Have you ever seen Legends of the Fall?

  2. knoxblevins says:

    I have seen Meet Joe Black, it is a fantastic movie! Honestly, I’m not sure how to reply to the person either. WordPress is still confusing to me haha. Yeah, Knox Blevins is my actual name. It’s after the great Protestant Reformer, John Knox. My parents didn’t want to call me John Knox though because they were worried people would just call me John.

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