The “Love and Hate List”

Again, I found this entry in my journal.  This journal by the way, was intended to be given to my children to have when I am no longer here.  Kind of like a mish mash of feelings,poems, and thoughts about what my kids mean to me.

I gave my mother an empty  journal book (they were called “Anything Books” in the 70’s) as a gift for a birthday or Mothers Day, because I knew she liked to write.  She loved it and used it, and I found it after she passed away.  Our family used it to read at her wake as there was an entry where she listed all the things she hated in life, and all the things she loved.  It helped everyone know who this woman was, there were some things that were even funny!

And so, I did the same.  I thought it would be interesting to share with you all the things I love in life, and all the things I hate. I’m sure there are more I could think about, but have not listed. Anyway, you might relate to a number of these, and hopefully you will make a list for your family, someday.

Here goes:

I Love:

*Spring and how the smell of lilacs permeate the air when it finally arrives.

*Birds singing in the morning and having windows opened with the crisp morning air blowing through the screened windows.


*Carousels and the way they can make you feel like a child all over again.

*Quilts and anything that can be handed down from generation to generation (Artwork and writing included).

*The smell of a country gift shop when you first walk in. The potpourri smell that overwhelms you and I can never seem to duplicate.



*Shows on television that have  good family values and morals (not many anymore).

*Anything old-fashioned.

*Antiques and antique stores.  I can never get over the fact I am touching something from years past. I try to imagine the person that owned the item.

*Pina Coladas

*And getting caught in the rain (:) ha-ha) Not really!

*to hug and be hugged

*being at home and baking

*horses and cows

*The Amish,their beliefs and traditions and how they always seem at peace with themselves.

*Pennsylvania- the beautiful countryside as far as an eye can see. The flat,rolling patchwork of corn and greenery. The feeling of calm that I feel when I take it all in.

*Making a big deal out of my kids and when other people make a big deal of them. They’re great!

*My husband-for being my rock. A very thoughtful,loving and guiding person.  He brings out the best in me.

* Christmas and all that it brings-the excitement,the lights and all the smells.

*Having friends over and sharing a laugh over chocolate martinis.

I Hate:

*Winter after Christmas-you can keep it!  (Then there is no more need for snow,in my eyes) January through April have to be the dreariest and longest months ever!

*Bees and spiders!  (Thank God for Raid!) Sorry!!

*My hair,because it was always too thin and could never do anything with it.  Always a fight!

*My penmanship (ask anyone).

*Schedules and making them,even though I know it should make life easier, it seems like work to me.  You do accomplish more, but I hate them anyway.

*Thunder and lightning.  I’m still scared to this day.

*Tornadoes. I haven’t seen one in real life, just on the The Weather Channel,  The News, “The Wizard of Oz” and in my nightmares (not kidding)…and I would like to keep it that way, thank you!

*The newspaper and reading all the bad things that are happening in the world.  It scares me sometimes how some  people can have such disrespect for a persons life.

* Fear  and how it can keep you back from doing something you really want to do. Also worry-I do this alot and it’s a waste of time.

*The highway and watching all the nutty people fly by.

*The clock and trying to beat the time everyday-it’s a drag!

*Cloudy, rainy days that go on for a week.

Well, there it is.  I know I could add more to both lists, but that could take forever.  See how doing this can really let you know alot about a person?

Wow, now I feel vulnerable!  I hate that, too!

Only kidding! 🙂  Cheryl


3 comments on “The “Love and Hate List”

  1. Great idea — what a fabulous legacy to leave behind! PS I love parades and hate waiting in line.
    Thanks for a great read!

  2. Muzzy Daud says:

    This is fabulous. You really are the family orientated person aren’t you Cheryl! It was fantastic and a great read.

    By the way, I have a new post up about embarrassment, it’s humorous and satirical but also analytical, I would greatly appreciate your comments or feedback.

    Thanks, Muzzy

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