Norman Rockwell-Perfect For His Time


Norman Rockwell Illustration on Gossip


Norman Rockwell…what can I say?  He was such a wonderful illustrator.  The way he illustrated life was genuine.  A whole story could be told in a single illustration without one word being written.  All you had to do was really look at the picture, and you could somehow relate to what he was trying to tell you through his art. He was perfect for his time.

I often wonder what he would be illustrating if he were still here and illustrating daily living today!  It would definitely not be the same!

Like the illustration he did of the girl getting ready for her prom. Instead of a girl looking innocently in a mirror,with her dress in hand, I picture a girl running off to a tanning salon, a nail salon, possibly sitting in a limo with friends.etc.  How would he illustrate that today?

Okay, cell phones!  I could picture him illustrating someone walking with a cell phone…better than that…shopping while talking on the cell phone!  Yes, can’t you picture this illustration-a person standing in a checkout line at the store, maybe the 12 items or less line, and he’s got the counter cluttered with grocery items (more than 12 obviously)and he’s holding up the line, completely oblivious to the fact of all the disgusted looks on  peoples faces in the background! Yes!  I’ve even experienced that one!

How about illustrating a woman putting on makeup while driving to work, I can definitely see that one.  Hey, I have seen that one…in person!

Or instead of an illustration of a child sitting there quietly reading his book, he’s  now being illustrated at the kitchen table or on his bed on his laptop!    How about a group of friends sitting around playing a war game on their huge, flat screen tv… all their eyes intent on the screen, snacks all around and arms flying every which way.

I can picture an illustration of guys watching the super bowl on television with fists and angry faces up to the tv!  Oh yes, with snacks and beer everywhere!  

It would definitely be a different world to illustrate today!  I’m just glad Norman Rockwell was here for the time he was meant to be here, even though his illustrations will continue to be popular in any time period. It’s nice to just thumb through his illustrations and see a less stressed and down- to- earth America and I’d like to remember his illustrations this way.

Now, can you picture what he would have done with this “gossip” illustration I posted here, if he were to illustrate something like this today?  I shudder at the thought…mmmm…cell phones, facebook, blue tooth, twitter…

I prefer not to think about it!

Thank you, Norman. We love you and I think we would all agree you were perfect for your time!

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