Happiness Is Homemade

Now I think we can all relate to this picture!  Anything homemade is awesome, but chocolate chip cookies have to be the best!  I know they don’t even have a chance of staying around too long in my house!

Anyway,I thought this would be a cute picture to try.  I think I  did a pretty good job of capturing the look of “begging” on the kids faces.  Hey, they almost look like my kids!  

Oh well, enjoy! 🙂

Happiness Is Homemade


7 comments on “Happiness Is Homemade

  1. Jingle says:

    i love homemade stuff 2,
    pizza, cookies, muffins, pie,…

    awesome post!

  2. pttyann says:

    Cheryl you are really good with your pictures and stories I do enjoy them,have a wonderful day 😀

  3. DenBob says:

    Get me a glass of MILK, because they look good enough to eat.

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