Smile…It Confuses People

I had illustrated this quote several years ago.  I liked this quote because I have actually experienced this.  You know, the look you get when someone is in your grocery line behind you that has 2 items, and you have, like, 50.  They look a little disgruntled and really don’t know what to do.  If I don’t really have anywhere to be right away, I’ll just turn to that person and say,”You only have a couple of items, would you like to go before me?”  They get this confused look on their face like they can’t believe someone is actually being nice, or why, and then it sinks in.  They finally smile and say, ” Sure! Well, thank you!”  Their whole demeanor changes and they seem less unhappy. They usually thank me again as they walk away…smiling.  

It makes me feel good and I can only hope that they pass it on during the course of their day.

I did the illustration in a less realistic style, but I think it is perfect with this quote.  I love the way the animals turned out.  They make me smile just looking at their faces!  enjoy! 🙂

Smile...It Confuses People!


4 comments on “Smile…It Confuses People

  1. pttyann says:

    Hi Cheryl
    “Beautiful Post” and you did a great job with the animals,all in big smiles!!!! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for your visit to my place and I haven’t posted names yet but everyone that left me a comment can pick up the “Beautiful Sunshine Award”! So please stop in and get your’s and I hope you enjoy receiving it.Just pass it around to your favorite Bloggers and make them “smile”! Have a wonderful day and thanks for your visit. 😀

  2. Jingle says:

    right click the award image and choose
    “save image as” , then it is saved as a file,
    when u do new post, notice that there is one black square on top left of the new post option area, click on insert image, click on select file, open the file u saved and the picture will be shown….

    good luck!

    enjoyed your beautiful post!

  3. brian miller says:

    smiles. i love to smile…great post.

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