I Cried For You

Here is another journal entry I found, and of course it is about my mother.  She passed away at  age 54 of cancer in 1993.  It seems I  did a lot of writing so I could deal with all the sadness. I must say, it did help.

This is about memories I had of my mother,  and the changes  she went through as a person through the years that I knew her. 

This is titled “I Cried For You”

*I cried for you again, tonight.

I cried for times past.  The you I remembered from my childhood, sending us off to school, baths on Sundays, the  bedtime stories  from Winnie- the- Pooh and Raggedy Ann.  The summer walks, calling us in from the back door for supper, or when we stayed out late and the street lights came on. For the birthdays and Christmas.

I cried for the you I remembered from my teen years:

The beach lover and the sunbather.  The more independent you- working and going to school for nursing, learning to drive, the friend, and the conversationalist. The artist and painter,and of course, for birthdays and Christmas.

I cried for the you I remembered as I grew into adulthood:

The very, independent woman,the nurse, the advisor, the photographer, gift-giver and lover of people.  The writer and poet, the reader and lover of movies, music and anything country.  The traveler, the santa collector……the sick woman, the disease, the hospital stays and surgeries.  The scared woman, but the strong woman. 

Always a smile and a giggle.  Always ready to share.

I cried for you and the time you had left.  The times I knew you’d miss. The grandchildren you’d never get to see grow older, even graduate.

All the little trinkets and gifts  I knew we’d never receive anymore.

Yes, I cried for you, again-

I still do,

I still will…

and I’ll forever cry for birthdays and Christmas, without you!  



3 comments on “I Cried For You

  1. wordwand says:

    thanks for sharing this post , a painful experience indeed.I wrote a poem about a cancer-stricken guy awaiting death .you can find it in my blog , I’m expecting your visit , take care.

  2. Jingle says:

    very powerful and hurting experiences…
    take good care.

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