A Very Calming Photograph

Ahhhh, now this is more like it.  Yes, I love Amish country-Lancaster , PA.  I need to go back there and refresh myself.  When I go there, I can’t help but  feel creative.  There is just so much around to fill all the senses:

The buggies and the clip-clop of the horses.

The colorful amish dresses and heart-shaped prayer caps.

Amish Morning


The smell of baked goods is everywhere (mmmm,shoo-fly pie!)

The beautiful countryside where you can actually see the horizon.  Oh yes, no telephone wires overhead!

Winding roads and corn.  Lots of corn.

And cows-mustn’t forget cows.

Anyway, thought I would just share this picture with you.

Ahhhhh! 🙂


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