Let Us Be Silent

There are times when you just have to relax, get away and just have some quiet time.  Get away from the phones, the pagers and everything else that is constantly in our daily lives every hour of the day.  I believe, no matter how much we love the conversations and constant interaction with others, sometimes we just have to break away and just find a quiet place,close our eyes, and enjoy the peacefulness.

Go outside and sit on your deck, or go for a ride and park near a pond, park, or quiet woods. Turn off your car and just sit (no phones allowed). Close your eyes and just listen to nature.  The sounds that you were meant to hear, but are blocked out daily by all the technology in our lives today.  Wow…birds!!!!  Look at that sunset!   Are those tree frogs I hear???  It’s amazing.  When your mind has time to be free and is able to wander, it’s amazing all the things that come up in your mind that usually you wouldn’t even think of.  Dreams you have always had, memories of times when you were young and free, maybe you could foresee a vacation in your future.

There are many times I feel the need to get away and sit by myself away from everyone.  In the summer, I do this alot.  After I clean up the supper dishes and the dog is all set, everyone seems to go into the living room and watch tv, or  go in their rooms and turn the radio on,  sit at the computer,etc.  I retreat and go onto my back deck, sit on my bench with the soft pillows, lay my head back and listen.  I could sit there all night long… listening… watching…and I usually do, until I hear through the screen door someone say, ” Hey,where’s Mom???”  That’s usually when they find me, and before I know it, I have company enjoying the quiet with me.

 It’s refreshing, especially for the soul.  I really believe it helps me to be more creative.  It must have something to do with all the “senses” coming into play. I don’t really know, but I know that is good and I know that                                                                

Let Us Be Silent

 it is necessary.

Anyway, that is what this quote is all about, and I believe it with all my soul.  Enjoy. 🙂  Cheryl


4 comments on “Let Us Be Silent

  1. anniespickns says:

    Good advice Cheryl and it’s what I did this evening. I went out with a group and we watched and listened as the Sandhill Cranes flew back into the wetland area where we were to roost for the night. Their sounds are amazing especially when they are joined by the sounds of ducks and shorebirds all settling in for the night. Oh to have a nice little wetland area behind my house so I could sit out there every evening and listen to the sounds.

    • That sounds really nice. I want to be where you are right now. I’d love to sit out on my porch right now, but I guess it will have to wait MANY months yet. 😦 Thanks for the comment, Annie.

  2. Dennis McNulty says:

    I agree. You have to take time to clear your head and relax. Listen to the sound of the “birds”. Wait a minute, was that a bird?
    Thanks Cheryl.

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