There Is Nothing Stronger

Now here is a more recent illustration I did of a quote that I really believe to be true. Again, I tried a dark background for a change, to make it look as if she were out in the woods.  I like the way her sweater stands out from the dark background.  And yes, she is holding a real bunny, unlike my brother in the previous post.  I was happy with the way this turned out.:)  Cheryl

Also, I don’t know if you realized this, but many of my pictures are of girls, and in them, you may find a small heart somewhere.  It may be a ring (like here) or an earring, or the print on a dress.  I did this as a series called “The Beautiful Girls”.  Look back in the older posts and see if you can find them.  This just made the designing of the illustrations a bit more fun to do.  I am also planning to do more little boys in the future. 🙂

There Is Nothing Sronger


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